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How to reduce pathogen growth in marinades

Used to flavor foods, marinades can add dimension to restaurant recipes. They can also present food safety issues if food handlers do not follow protocol. Here, ServSafe offers insight regarding these topics:

Cross-contamination. Never reuse marinade that’s already been used once. For example, when a food handler removes raw chicken from marinade, he or she should not add more chicken to the leftover solution due to possible pathogen introduction. Wash, rinse and sanitize the container and utensils between each treatment.

Time and temperature controls. Most commercially prepared marinades do not require refrigeration prior to opening. Once the seal has been broken or a housemade batch has been prepared, care for it as you would a TCS food. If a restaurant intends to not refrigerate a marinade with a pH lower than 4.6, the operator must obtain a variance from the local health department and implement a HAACP plan.

When refrigerating raw proteins steeped in marinade, the container should remain covered and positioned below covered, ready-to-eat food. Do not use copper containers, as acids in the marinade may extract the mineral, creating an environment conducive for chemical poisoning. When cooking the marinated protein, hit minimum internal temperatures and time requirements outlined by the Food and Drug Administration to lessen the chance of foodborne illness.

Labeling. If a health inspector arrives at your restaurant, he or she will inquire about the contents of containers chilling in the refrigerator. Clearly label the container with marinade and protein names as well as the time and date prepared.

Also indicate any allergens included in your marinade on back-of-house prep labels and on your menu.

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Valuable Details About Best Coolers

Ice cooler becomes a basic necessity when we go to the picnic because by this we can keep chilling the drinks and beverages. The picnic is the best way to spend the quality time with friends and family. We carry a lot of things and a cooler is one of them and this is too important. Now a wide variety can be seen on the market but you should go for the best quality which can fulfill all the requirements and needs. You must check the chilling temperature which is the main thing that you should consider while the selection of the best one.

Features of the best coolers

If you are planning to buy a cooler then you should think about the features. An ideal cooler has many beneficial features which attract people a lot and you must have the proper knowledge about this. In the further article, you will get best possible details about the best coolers by which you can select an appropriate cooler.

- Best coolers have the stacking design because by this you can easily manage or organize the storage things.

- Size of the cooler should tall enough by which you can carry wine bottle and 2-liter water bottles. Generally people take a short sized cooler which is the most common mistake done by them. Whenever you dont have enough size, you are unable to carry needed things.

- Capacity is the most considerable point and you should focus on this. When you have proper idea of cans or bottles then you can select a best one.

- Some coolers are also available with the two-way handle which gives the best comfort level to carry and these are also so flexible.

These are some features of the best coolers and if you want to buy an appropriate cooler then you should keep in mind all these points. In order to find the perfect one, you have to put some little efforts in searching by which you can get the desired quality. You should go with that one which can suit the pocket in a better way.

Ways to find best coolers

A lot of coolers are available but when we talk about the selection of one then it is not a cake walk. While some people think that it is a simple task but only some people can understand the difficult level those who have already gone through from this. You should always check the reviews about the company before choosing anyone because by this you can get an idea about the company. In the reviews, you are able to see the feedback of people by which you can make a statement about the product. See more information about the best coolers on the official site of the company. Apart from this; you can also take an advice from the known persons because they can suggest you a better option. Try to talk with those ones who are using this or planning to buy.

The 5 Key Questions To Inquire About Your Seattle Catering Service Provider

All of us understand that selecting a Seattle catering business is hard. Not just there are a lot of companies focusing on this matter - there are likewise a great deal of concerns and doubts individuals have when choosing a wedding event, business, birthday or memorial/funeral catering

Today, we are noting the 5 typical concerns that you must ask your catering business in Seattle prior to scheduling it.

1. Which food or food do you focus on?

The primarily concern you must ask your Seattle catering service is the range of foods and foods they cover and which of them is their expertise. That method, both you and the catering service will understand

2. Exactly what is the typical cost band?

Rate is clearly a crucial thing when picking a Seattle catering service - and one that need to be gone over with your possible catering service. Whether it is figured out by food choice, period of occasion or a flat rate - you ought to make the rates a clear thing from the very start.

3. Will you offer wait personnel, flatware, tables, chairs and linen?

'The more, the merrier' is the guideline that lots of clients choose when picking Seattle catering services. This is primarily since company is of prime value in order to reduce the possibilities of overlooking essential information for your occasion. Essentially, reliable catering business in Seattle all provide tables, chairs, linen, flatware and expert personnel available for the celebration - so, it depends on you to choose whether you require it or not.

4. Do you own a trade license?

This is among the concerns that is extremely important - and one that most reputed occasion catering services are happy to address. Having a company license for expert catering is a clear sign of professionalism and a tidy chit from the regional Health Department. If a business has this, you can feel confident of fresh, hand-prepared and amazing catering service in Seattle.

5. Can you offer me with recommendations of pleased customers or pictures of occasions in the past?

A terrific method to see the ability and quality of a Seattle catering business is to request for recommendations of previous customers, images from previous occasions and other kinds of suggestions. The reality is, all the prominent catering businesses have these things and like to boast about their previous experiences, elegant occasions and premium service.

At this moment, you understand exactly what the most crucial concerns are concerning your catering business in Seattle. So, have you began searching for the leading prospects yet?

Food Branding And Marketing

How to select the Right Packaging

Understanding the importance of Food Branding and Marketing is a sure way to ensure that your product is not just sitting on the shelf. At Pencilworks we know that consumers will pass your packaged products in favor of others that are having better designed packaging, so it is important to put into consideration your audience and design your food packaging to entice them.

No matter what kind of food you are selling, it is important that your product is spot on the shelf. There are many different methods to do this, and this will largely depend on the type of food you are marketing, and the public being marketed towards. Below we have some common strategies to highlight the right type of packaging for the design that attracts the attention of the people.

Colorful packaging is always a brilliant idea, especially with regard to the marketing of food that is aimed at children. Children love bright colors and happy, so it makes sense to pack food this way for them. Neon colors and bright primary colors are suitable for children, but for a more mature audience do not work as well. Elegant design package is a good idea for food products that are marketed in an upscale audience. For example, it is recommended to pack a high quality cheese in a stylish and elegant packaging.

Before packing pet food, it should be package with both the owner and the pet in mind. Almost every time you want to include a photo of animal that the food is intended for; also, the packaging should reflect all the good reasons why a pet owner must buy the food for the animal.

Pictures of healthy fresh fruits, vegetables and cereals work very well when it comes to the packaging of health food. It is also advisable to include a lot of verbiage on the packaging which will inform about the health benefits of the foods been sold. In essence, you want a situation whereby the food will look nutritious and healthy so that consumers will buy it.

In general sweet and chocolate bars make people happy and carefree, and as such it must be packaged in brilliantly designed and fun packaging. Awakening such feelings encourages consumers to buy snack foods first, so keep in mind that if you are looking for a great design suitable for candy or snack food products.

You cannot afford to order the use of the wrong type of packaging material for you products. The packaging designs for senior citizens cannot be used to appeal to younger audience. Remember that the use of wrong wording on health food can cause your food packaged products to be over looked on the shelf.

Matching Dishes To Red Wine: Spicy Red Can Complement Hot Dishes

There's no question that the pairing of the right dish with the right wine can make all the difference in your overall meal experience. A red wine that absolutely shines with lamb might not blend so well with braised steak or spicy fish. When you're looking at hot dishes with a little bit of heat to them, you're often in better shape looking at spicy red wine options to create a complimentary flavor that enhances the meal as opposed to clashes with it. Read on to learn more about some of the better options out there.

The Challenge Of Spicy Food

Spicy food creates a unique challenge when it comes to a wine pairing, especially if you prefer a solid red over a possibly over-sweet white. Not only do good spicy dishes have special layers of flavor to take into consideration, but it is very easy for a wine to clash with a spicy dish by being too bitter or too overpowering. Last time i was able to afford to guy a selection of wines as i saved money when i called into a local Indian takeaway near me, where they donât charge restaurant prices! Having a few wine strengths to sample that were not to strong as this obviously would detract from both the wine and the meal overall.

Addressing these particular challenges head on is crucial to being able to create a truly good pairing that enhances the meal experience.

What To Avoid

Generally speaking when pairing a red wine with a spicy hot dish you want to make sure to avoid the higher alcohol options as well as any red that was aged in oak. These aren't bad things at all for a standalone wine but a red wine that has one or both of these characteristics will generally be a poor or overpowering pairing with a spicy dish.

The best red wine selections in this situation will be aromatic, on the fruity side to compliment the spice, and in some cases off dry to create the right type of contrast. You also want to look for a wine that is crisp and light in comparison to the main body of reds that you are going to find out there.

Some Excellent Suggestions

Any red wine that follows the do's and don'ts of the previous section will likely do fine in most cases, but if you need to look at a few basic names or types, the following are good places to start.

Beaujolais are heavily fruit focused red wines that often pair well with spicy foods, and you are more likely to find a good Merlot or Zinfandel as opposed to a Cabernet Sauvignon. If the dish has a spicy flavor that is smoky in nature then it's worth taking a look at some moderate Malbec selections to pair up with the meal.

Albarino, Viognier, and Vouvray are three other examples of good reds that are known for being fruity without being too strong or tannin-heavy and they often can pair well with spicier dishes. While these are all good starting points, you still need to look at the specific bottles and which ones are lighter on the alcohol and heavier on the fruit flavor in order to get a pairing you can be happy with.

A little bit of research and following these basic rules can help you to find the ideal red wine to pair with even the hottest spicy dishes out there.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption 'improves The Immune System.'

Much of us take pleasure in a drink or more to celebrate the joyful season. And now, scientists say the odd glass of wine with supper might benefit our health - as new research suggests it can enhance the immune system and improve its reaction to vaccination.

Accordance with findings published in the journal Vaccine.

The research study scientists, led by Ilhem Messaoudi of the School of Medicine at the University of California, Riverside, state their research study might help lead to a much better understanding of how the body immune system works, and how to enhance its capability to react to vaccines and infections.

To reach their findings, the researchers trained 12 monkeys (rhesus macaques) to take in alcohol freely.

Before this, the monkeys were vaccinated versus smallpox. One group of the monkeys was then permitted access to either 4% alcohol, while the other group had access to sugar water. All monkeys likewise had access to ordinary water and food.

The monkeys were then monitored for a 14-month duration and were vaccinated once again seven months into the experiment

Throughout this time, the investigators found that the monkeys' voluntary alcohol consumption varied, just as it carries out in people.

This led the private investigators to divide monkeys into two groups.

The first group included monkeys that were "problem drinkers" - specified as having a blood ethanol concentration (BEC) more than 0.08%. The 2nd group was considered "moderate drinkers," with a BEC of in between 0.02-0.04%.

Average alcohol consumption 'enhanced vaccine reaction.' The researchers discovered that before the monkeys had free access to alcohol, they all showed similar actions to the vaccinations. However, after alcohol intake, they all revealed different vaccine effects.

The monkeys classified as heavy drinkers showed reduced reactions to the vaccine, compared with the monkeys that consumed sugar water. But the private investigators were shocked to discover that the monkeys considered as moderate drinkers demonstrated an improved vaccine reaction.

A glass of wine with dinner 'might enhance health.' According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Addiction (NIAAA), moderate drinking is specified as no greater than four alcoholic drinks on any single day for guys and no more than 14 in total over a week. For ladies, this decreases to 3 drinks on any single day and no more than seven beverages over a week.

The researchers emphasize that although their research suggests moderate alcohol intake may benefit the immune system, they do not suggest that people with a history of alcoholic abuse start to consume based on these findings.

"If you have a family history of alcoholic abuse, or are at threat, or have been an abuser in the past, we are not suggesting you head out and drink to enhance your body immune system," says Messaoudi.

Messaoudi adds that the group plans to, do, even more, investigate how immune system responses to vaccinations can be improved using these findings.

They add that they will concentrate on how this can be done in vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, who are often known to have inefficient vaccine actions.

This not the very first study to reveal the prospective benefits of moderate alcohol usage. Earlier this year, Medical News Today reported on a study suggesting that consuming a glass of wine a day may lower the risk of depression, while another research study recommends a compound discovered in red wine might help deal with cancer.

If your drinking red wine to fight cancer than you should buy a breathalyzer just in case.

How To Interview A Your Wedding Planners

Instead of "Do we have to utilize your suppliers?", ask ... "Do you get a commission?" This is a question many prospective clients have asked me, and I've never quite understood why. When you hire a coordinator, you are acquiring invaluable insight into the wedding event world and now have access to the very best vendors for your wedding day. It 's hard as an organizer when customers ignore recommendations (that they are paying for) just to hire a vendor that their friend had for their wedding, aka one time ever. From the planner's point of view, it appears like a waste of money to pay a coordinator for their suggested supplier list, just to hang around getting various vendors by yourself. However the truly essential question to ask is relating to kickbacks and commission. There are many organizers that, in addition to their low charge, will be taking anywhere from 5-20% from the vendors that they are recommending to you. This indicates that not only are you not saving cash and getting "good deals" by utilizing the organizer's contacts, but the suggestions are based upon (at least in part) how much money the coordinator is now making. Ask yourself, do you desire an organizer or a political leader? Now, I know organizers are reading this that are getting inflamed. However, I couldn't care less. I do not accept commission because I like to sleep during the night understanding that the suppliers I am suggesting are being recommended because they are talented and trusted, and not lining my pockets. I also wish to save my customers money, and I can easily do that by not forcing my suppliers in my book to pay me for a recommendation. The bottom line is, you're hiring an organizer to utilize their vendors, so a. Ensure you use them and b. make sure their recommendations are truthful. Instead of "Are you certified?", ask ... "Can you elaborate on your experience?" Ever heard the stating "great on paper"? I state that about a few of my previous relationships. However, real experience is exactly what you desire when your hydrangea catches on fire due to the votive candle lights were pressed too far into the centerpiece. Again, this is not to mark down the work it takes to get (some) of those certifications, but rather simply a caution that a paper should not be your choosing element between planners. Presently, there are numerous expert organizations that coordinators can belong to, in addition to courses they can take, retreats they can participate in, and apparently, the "best of" awards they can win (entirely various topic). Now, if you are purchasing an attorney or a medical professional, then certainly you wish to see those degrees (and what school they are from) hanging on the office walls. But what do those wedding planner certifications suggest and why do wedding event blogs insist that you ask exactly what expert organizations the organizers belong to? In fact, do you understand the names of all of the different groups and exactly what it suggests to be a part of them? It's not most likely that you would know this info (since why would you?) and if you don't know, then what does it matter what the answer is? Consider the design of your wedding event and what you are searching for in an organizer. Inquire direct concerns about their real-world experience and about wedding events they have prepared much like yours. Find out how they began in the preparation industry and gave extra points to those that interned or worked for another company to discover how everything works. You're interviewing a planner who just chose to become an organizer because she planned her wedding, then you are speaking with the wrong type of company. While it's excellent to give new coordinators an opportunity, and you can conserve some cash that way, it is critical to trust somebody with experience to handle your wedding, specifically since there are no do-overs.

A breathalyzer can help you manage your alcohol consumption to avoid drinking and driving.

5 Vegan Recipes That Will Make Every Meat Eater Envious

Are you searching for the best vegan options or vegan meat recipes which are easy to make and guarantee nothing but great tastes? We all know that vegetarians and vegans avoid meats. However, the vegan meat recipes translate to an experience that is as close as vegans get to meat but so much better. The benefits: healthy for you, better for the environment around you and every animal out there. These vegan meat recipes are made to last.

So, what should you be putting on your vegan meat recipes list? We are listing our top five picks below.

1. Vegam Dim Sum Buns

The sweet and salty mushrooms placed in between two vegan buns are one of the best vegan meat recipes that possesses the smoky and meaty taste we all love, while eating healthy. You can spice things up with a leaf or two or add sliced potatoes on the side.

2. Vegan Shepherd's Pie

Known to be the most wholesome and comforting one of the vegan meat recipes, the Shepherd's pie includes the sweetness of tomatoes, the perfect carbs from the potato mixes and the best spices with the lentils, chickpeas and fresh herbs all combined in a meat-like experience that is a true flavor bomb.

3. Veggie Chili With Crunchy Tortilla And Avocado Salad

This is one of the favorite vegan meat recipes out there. Speedy yet spicy, it blends in the delicious vegetable chili with a side of tortilla salad and a lot of mushrooms, lentils, chickpeas and vegetables in the chili itself.

4. Calzone

Originating from Italia, the calzone is filled with mushrooms, spinach and melted mozzarella. Use vegan Daiya cheese for a vegan-friendly and very delicious alternative. What was invented by mistake as a way for Italian workers to carry their lunch has become a worldwide attraction and one of the best vegan recipes out there.

5. The Vegan Mac 'n' Cheese

Macaroni and cheese have never tasted so good. Use some Vegan Daiya cheese for a cheesy experience with out the dairy! Tt will be well worth it. You can spice things up with sweet tomato and crunchy breadcrumbs on top, or get the traditional herb penne by dropping a handful of herbs on top of it. Delicious, aren't they? These vegan meat recipes will make your love for vegan food grow and treat you to the healthiest animal-friendly experience out there. It only takes one recipe to start practicing the vegan lifestyle, so what are you waiting for?

Cdot Research Study Discovers Personal Breathalyzers Have The Prospective To Reduce Driving Under The Influence

Colorado Department of Transport (CDOT) in a first-of-its-kind research study analyzing the impact breathalyzers might have on drinking routines and decision making. The research study was developed to figure out if utilizing a breathalyzer altered habits when it pertains to drinking and driving. CDOT likewise looked for to raise awareness about impaired driving and aid motorists comprehend how rapidly they can reach the DWAI (0.05% BAC level) or DUI (0.08% BAC level) limitations. CDOT got 225 research study individuals arbitrarily picked from more than 1,500 candidates. Individuals got a BACtrack Mobile, utilized the gadget, and finished 3 studies with concerns about drinking practices and their breathalyzer use. Individual BAC information was likewise gathered with consent through the BACtrack app.

Preliminary study information exposed disconcerting truths:

While 92 percent understood the.08 BAC limitation for a DUI, majority (53%) were uninformed of Colorado's Driving While Capability Impaired (DWAI) BAC limitation of 0.05% percent. 79% of individuals suggested they may have owned a vehicle while above the legal owning limitation. 92% of individuals believed they had actually been a traveler with a motorist above the legal limit. Arise from the last study were a lot more favorable:

The portion of individuals that suggested they may have owned cars and truck while above the legal owning limitation went from 79% at first reported to 12%. 84% of individuals concurred that owning a mobile phone breathalyzer reduced their threat for a DUI/DWAI. 82% of individuals concurred anybody who frequently consumes ought to own a breathalyzer. Throughout the program, individuals taped 4,823 readings and balanced a BAC of.087 percent, above Colorado's.08 percent BAC limitation for a DUI. See the video and hear exactly what individuals need to state about their experience and inform us: does own a mobile phone breathalyzer lower your threat for a DUI? Breathalyzers help prevent people from drinking and driving by making them aware of their blood alcohol level. It also lets them know more about how alcohol affects their body. After using the device over several weeks of active drinking they will know how long it takes for their body to process the alcohol. During parties, they will know when to stop drinking so they will be safe to drive home. The police are cracking down with forced sobriety check in may cities. You get caught and your blood alcohol level is too high then it going to cost your thousands of dollars may be even jail time if it is not your first offense.

Top 2 Coffee Shops In Maui, Hawaii

Whether hot or cold, coffee is the worlds number one drink. As such, you may ask why should you be interested in Maui coffee roasters, or the top 2 coffee shops in Maui? As in many cases, many people visiting the Hawaiian islands would want to drink or take what they have been used to. This does not give many a chance to have a feel of what others are drinking.

However, it is different with Akamai's Coffee shops in Kihei & Wailuku or the Hawaiian Village Coffee shops. You will find it very easy to enjoy the fresh and tasty feeling of drinking fully roasted coffee from Maui coffee experts some of whom have roasted coffee for almost 10 years now.

Without a doubt, if you are traveling to Hawaii and especially Maui, then you need to know where you can find the best coffee roaster in the area.

Alternatively, you may decide to lodge in one of the 5-star hotels in the island as you enjoy your Akamai coffee Kihei.

Although there are several joints, you can enjoy your Maui coffee from; the top 2 coffee shops in Maui will definitely keep you coming for more. Look at what they have to offer you.

1. Akamai Coffee Co

Established in 2007, This company has helped tourist and residents enjoy the best quality coffee the worlds has ever produced. The beauty of the coffee in Hawaii is that at Akamai Coffee, you are likely to get it in whatever batch on a daily basis.

Perhaps, you might find this to be interesting that these Maui coffee roasters is very close to Kahului Airport, About 5 mins away. Make sure to grab one of these delicious coffee's when visiting Maui or on your way to work!

2. Hawaiian Village Coffee

It is normal to suffer jetlag if you are a frequent traveler. However, you will soon realize that the fatigue you may be feeling is nothing when you pop into Hawaiian Coffee prepared in Hawaiian Village Coffee.

The Hawaiian Village Coffee is usually open at 5:30 in the morning. No any other coffee roaster that opens that early the whole Kaanapali area. Therefore, you can kill your hangover before it is the 8:00am time that is considered conventional to begin the day.

As you enjoy your Village coffee, you may also wish to taste Maui cuisine. The place is very friendly to all visitors thanks to its vicinity, the French roast and or espresso all of which feature grown beans from Maui.

Choosing A Home Waffle Maker

It has fast become normal for people to enjoy the delicious taste of waffles at breakfast time and even later in the day. Some still use ready-cooked frozen packs from their home freezer, or even go out to a take-away for hot, freshly made ones to bring back home. The more savvy people however have found the secret to obtaining hot, freshly made to personal preference waffles, to be the latest kitchen gadget - the modern Home Waffle Maker machine. Every waffle-loving, busy family should have one.

Having decided it is time to purchase one, how or where do you start? The first thing you notice is the range of products available and the large number of manufacturers and suppliers offering them. This video is typical of those you will find if you simply put 'Best Waffle Maker' into the Google search engine:

Choosing between each machine on the market gets difficult because for every product will have several such video reviews, each one suggestion different important features and each one suggesting different good and bad points. So what is need is a short guide to the generic features to look for when first assessing the market.

It is easy for a waffle maker machine to be incorporated into any lifestyle, but it is a personal choice as which features will work best for you.

Basically a waffle maker consists of two cast iron plates which have mirror-image indentations, so that when the plates come together, shaped cavities are formed, within which the waffle batter is deposited and the whole is then heated to conclude the baking process. This concept has not changed in centuries, but the method and material used certainly has. Grid irons on an open fire, or on tops of stoves are no longer the approach of choice.

The modern waffle maker is designed to look good in the modern kitchen and to be practical. It is electrically heated and has non-stick plates, which when taken with an aluminium or stainless steel casing, means it is easy to clean after use. It is however deliberately weighted, in order to ensure the grid is held down against the batter, so as to produce the right crispy all-round finish to the fluffy waffle.

The standard approach is to offer a machine that can stand on a counter top, so that the top plate hinges upwards, the batter is spread over the base plate and the top plate is then closed down on to the batter. This relies on the weight of the top plate to bear down on the batter and which then spreads out evenly through the grid. These are identified as 'single position' waffle makers.

Ensuring even distribution of heat through the batter is important, so some companies offer a 'Flip' model, whereby after being loaded as previously, the whole pan containing the plates is rotated through 180 degrees. Thus gravity has a 'two sided' effect to ensure the even distribution of batter.

Classic versions of waffle makers tend to be suitable for baking a single waffle at a time, albeit that the pattern on the grid irons could be designed to naturally form a number of smaller ones within the over all patten. To speed up the process where a number of waffles are need, some models come as a 'double waffle maker'. These simply are designed to have two identical pans within the same machine, thus doubling the output in any given time. This is useful for families or party gatherings, but come at a higher cost, heavier weight and larger footprint that requires more storage space.

Which ever type of waffle maker meets your needs, I'm sure you will have many moments of shear joy as you bite into the delicious, sweet and crispy breakfast waffle.

The Difference Between Decaf And Espresso Coffee

Most people are unable to tell the difference between decaf and espresso coffee in a blind taste test. This is particularly true if the coffee is brewed correctly.

There are a couple of methods for extracting the caffeine in coffee. One way is to rinse the coffee with hot water and then to rinse again with methylene chloride. It is a colorless and volatile liquid with a moderately sweet aroma that is widely used as a solvent. Perhaps not the best solution for decaffeinating coffee.

You might not be aware that coffee is already been processed with water on several occasions before it ends up in your cup. In fact, the coffee berry has been rinsed to remove the outer fruit covering when it is first picked. The water actually softens the fruit on the outer layer of the berry.

The green beans are then warmed with either hot water or steam. This opens the pores of the beans which starts the chemical removal of the caffeine in the bean. The beans are then washed again but this time with methylene chloride. It binds with the caffeine and then it is flushed away.

The beans are soaked for several hours in hot water that percolates caffeine into a bath. The addition of methylene chloride is followed after the removal of the beans from the hot water. This chemical bonds with the caffeine in the bean without flushing the flavor components and then they are re-soaked, where re-absorption of the flavor components is accomplished.

Another method for removing caffeine is called the Swiss Method. This is where the beans are soaked in hat water without using the chemical, methylene chloride. The caffeine in this case is removed through the use of activated charcoal which filters the water.

Activated charcoal is relatively pure carbon and is actually the transformed molecular structure of activated charcoal that provides a sizable surface area allowing other molecules to stick to the charcoal.

Unfortunately most manufactures prefer the first method as it is less expensive. However, there is a lot of debate around this issue since some people belief the method actually degrades the taste of the coffee beans.

It has been found that the dark and less acidic roasts actually contain less caffeine as a result of the roasting process.

For the issue regarding taste, the chemical differences are by and large inundated by individual preferences. It seems that a lot of people can easily detect the absence or presence of caffeine as a result of its intrinsically bitter taste. It is only a matter of taste as to whether or not caffeine makes coffee taste good or bad.

How To Use An Ice Cream Scoop - 4 Simple Tips To Using The Disher Scoop

For the average person, getting a scoop of ice cream is all about digging right in the center of the block. Then, slowly but surely work your way around until you see the bottom of the ice cream container. Unfortunately, this is not the proper way to scoop an ice cream. While there clearly is no rocket science to scooping the perfect sphere of ice cream, there are several tips that you may want to consider whenever you want to get your palate cooled with the refreshing taste of ice creamy desserts. Always Use the Correct Utensils

There are several types of ice cream scoops. You can use a mechanical ice cream scoop also known as a disher or one of those single piece simple design ice scoops. In choosing the correct ice cream scoop, always go for a stainless steel scoop as these have the safest profile. They are also the best ice cream scoops for hard ice cream. Sure, anodized aluminum scoops may be great but they do degrade over time especially if you forgot you are not supposed to put them into your dishwasher. Dont use plastic scoops as well since these do contain certain chemicals you simply dont want in your body. Preferably choose an ice cream scoop that is durable, has an excellent good grip handle, sharp edges, and of course, a wide scoop. Make sure to use an ice cream scoop sizes chart to get the correct size disher. Always Warm Your Ice Cream Scoop before Digging In

There are certain ice cream scoops that come with a heat-conductive mechanism to keep the metallic handle warm so the ice cream will not stick. Generally however, the warmth on your palms will not be enough to heat the metal frame so you will still have to run the ice cream scoop under a stream of hot water. You can use your ordinary tap and have it on hot. Or, you can take a bowl and fill it with hot water. Immerse your ice cream scoop for at least 20 to 30 seconds before you dig in. Now, make sure to have your faucet on continuous drip because you will need to rewarm your ice cream scoop every time ice cream begins freezing in the scoop. Warming or heating your ice cream scoop makes it a lot easier to cut and glide through the icy chunk of cream. Work from the Side and Around or in an S-Pattern

Always begin scooping your ice cream from the side of the container. Try to scoop in an S-shaped motion or a circular motion. Try to get round and even scoops. You can make several short passes in the same area instead of long and shallow strokes. Whatever you do resist the temptation of digging right into the center of the ice cream block. Be Quick and Decisive

Make sure to plan your approach. Dont spend a long time forming the perfect spheres because the longer you allow the ice cream scoop stay, you will end up with one gooey mess instead of a firm creamy sphere of ice cream. Always return the ice cream scoop to your hot water cup after one or two scoops. This makes scooping ice creams a lot easier. I have looked around quite a lot since the start of the year at ice cream scoopers for sale and I think this is the probably the best ice cream scoop 2016 so far.

Halogen Oven Cooking

The one thing that most people love about halogen oven cooking is that they don't take up a lot of room in a kitchen. As well you will be able to cook everything in one pot that would normally take up either the oven or all the burners on a conventional stove.

With a halogen oven you will be able to saute, boil, roast or even bake cookies or cakes and you can do it a lot faster than you would if you used a conventional oven. In fact you can use halogen oven recipes you find online or in the recipe book that comes with the oven.

It doesn't have to seem weird that you can now cook an entire dinner in a glass bowl that is plugged into the electric outlet on our kitchen counter. People who have these small appliances swear by them and state that they make their lives easier.

There are halogen ovens for sale on shopping channels, small appliance sections in many stores or even online. They are a very popular way to get a meal from the freezer to the table in only a few short minutes.

Halogen ovens come with a clear glass or heavy duty plastic bowl with a lid containing the halogen bulb and fan. You will be able to choose the temperature and time you wish in order to cook your meal. The recipe book or manual will be able to give you suggested temperatures and times.

So how does a halogen oven work? They use a heating element that converts the electrical energy to a very intense heat. Then the infrared waves are circulated through the bowl with the use of a high performance fan. As a result the food is cooked quickly and your electric bill won't be impacted.

If you have a small kitchen, like to camp or have a summer cottage, the halogen oven is a great appliance to have for cooking a meal. They work especially well when camping or for cottage life when you don't have a conventional oven.

One great thing about halogen oven cooking, is that you can get a lot of food in the bowl. It is fairly easy to cook a medium size turkey or chicken or even a couple of steaks along with some vegetables. With a halogen oven everything gets cooked in one place.

The oven has a couple of wire shelves so you can cook food at difference levels which results in more or less heat on the food. You can add accessories as well, such as an extender ring for larger food when cooking a turkey. Want to bake cookies or a cake? Just use your regular pans although you might need to get the smaller cookie sheet or use a round cake pan.

Whatever you decide to cook in the halogen oven, you will find that it will come out moist and tender since the circulating air keeps the moisture in the food. As well you wont have to turn the meat or vegetables.

Make The Most Of Your Mandolin Kitchen Slicer

When it comes to cooking and preparing meals, we always want to give our best. Thats just the way the mind works. Food brings people together and the better the dishes you serve up, the happier and healthier your relationships will be. But cooking great meals doesnt simply rely on your ability to combine flavours the preparation of your ingredients plays a vital role in the quality of your outcomes.

One of the kitchen essentials you should never overlook is the mandolin kitchen slicer. This one of a kind kitchen innovation is good for a whole host of different functions and become a part of your daily kitchen routine.

How to Use Your Mandolin Kitchen Slicer

1. Salads and Appetizers If you want to give your family or guests a whole hearted effort, you shouldnt overlook the appetizer part of the meal. This will get their appetites going and will have them wanting for more. Using your mandolin kitchen slicer, cut up some cucumbers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, and anything else youd want to add into the mix. Sautee these in olive oil until theyre brown and crunchy. Serve your assorted vegetable chips with a delicious cream cheese dip and youll be sure to catch your diners attention. You can also lay the sautéed veggies in a bed of leafy greens and drizzle with lemon juice and your choice of vinaigrette for a hearty serving of salad.

2. Soups The thing about soup is that it barely has the texture that many other food options offer. Other entrees allow eaters to enjoy the process of chewing, but because soups arent quite as chewable, the enjoyment eaters get from consuming them rely greatly on the taste. By using a kitchen mandolin slicer, you can ensure that your vegetables stay tastier and more flavourful than they would had you chosen to use a standard knife. This will make it possible to bring out the best taste and flavour from your soup concoctions. Make sure you use only the best vegetables available to you to further enhance the soups you create.

3. Main Course Serve your chicken, beef, or fish with thinly sliced portions of vegetables of your choice. You can even opt to bake your meat with a bed of different veggies that are sliced to thin perfection. Using a mandolin kitchen slicer will make it possible for your ingredients to retain their natural textures and flavours something that is usually sacrificed when veggies are cut by hand.

4. Desserts Slice up some fruit with your mandolin kitchen cutter and serve on a plane of snowy white cream. If you really want to take it to the next level, try baking a lemon tart with thinly sliced lemons as the topping. You can also try to cut up fruits like apples, pears, and peaches and fry these to make fritters. Dust off with cinnamon powder and confectioners sugar, and youve got yourself a tasty dessert treat for the entire family to enjoy.

The Advantages Of Having The Best Kitchen Utensils

Cooking is a great hobby because it allows you to provide people with nutritious and delicious dishes. It is also a great way to relieve yourself of stress. Being in front of organic and healthy fruits, vegetables and other ingredients is just pleasing to the eyes. However, the task can be stressful if your kitchen does not have the essential cooking utensils. Among the set of best kitchen utensils that you must acquire are a knife set, measuring cups, cookware set, a cheese grater, salt and pepper mills, mixing bowls, measuring spoons, and others.

Below are the advantages of having a complete set of kitchen tools:

Ensures the Right Taste of the Dishes The different dishes have different tastes. The kinds of ingredients and their measurement hugely affect the taste. For example, when you are cooking beef steak, it wont have that rich, delicious taste if the ingredients are not properly measured. When you are baking cakes, you wont achieve the right consistency and texture if the ingredients such as flour, cornstarch, sugar and others are not properly measured. You wont achieve the right presentation if the ingredients are not properly cut. With these, it is really crucial to have the best kitchen utensils . Makes Preparation of Ingredients Much Easier Cutting ingredients such as vegetables and root crops can be time consuming if your knife is not sharp and is not appropriate for the size of the ingredient to be cut. Thus, it is practical to have a complete set of knives. Utensils such as a cheese grater is also essential in the easier and effective presentation of the dishes. For example, properly grated cheese can really make dishes such as tuna spaghetti more palatable.

Makes Cooking Faster When you are cooking a recipe for a small number of people, having the right size of pot or pan is necessary if you want the ingredients to be cooked properly and quickly. A dish for a small number does not require a big cookware. The more advanced the type of cookware is also helps in the efficient use of heat when cooking food. Now there are also nonstick pots and pans that lessen the messy look and sticking of food to the cookware. Foods that stick to the cookware take a lot of time to remove.

Cooking can be really fun. But without the essential cooking utensils, you can find it tiring and frustrating. Thus, it is necessary that you acquire at least the basic cooking tools in your kitchen.

The Great Halloween Dinner Show

Halloween is often viewed as a time for funand sharing. Its a time when kidsand kids at heartdress up as their favorite characters. Its a time to give candies and treats to those kids who knock at your door.

But have you ever actually thought about how Halloween came about?

A Brief History

For starters, Halloween is derived from the term All Hallows Eve, which denotes that it is the night for celebrating ghouls and souls of every kind. This gave early people the notion that it is a taboo Halloweenand that it should not be celebrated.

But over the years, people figured out that Halloween actually has ancient Christian Roots, more specifically, Samhain Christian Roots. During the Celtic Harvest Festivals, people dressed up and carved pumpkins to celebrate and remember the dearly departedand ask them for guidance to help them cultivate the best crops.

Today, Halloween is basically a time for fun. Kids come in costumes, and those who love the said holiday go and carve pumpkins, turn them into jack-o-lanterns, and decorate their homes with them. Some also play apple bobbing, or visit haunted houses just for the thrill. Others use this time to watch their favorite horror movies, too.

But, aside from fun, could Halloween also be a sophisticated holiday? Well, of course it could beand this is all because of Aalsmeers Halloween Dinner Show!

The Halloween dinnershow

Every October 31, Aalsmeer Showbiz Village turns its famous dinner show into a Halloween-themed one. Onstage, you could watch shows featuring The Grave Digger, and The Baby from Hell dancing along to Michael Jacksons famous Thriller.

Aside from that, there are also shows featuring ventriloquists, and the staff are also dressed up as famous horror movie characters, such as Freddy Kreuger, Dracula, and those crazy, scary zombies that a lot of people love! Surely, it would be a spectacular eveningone that you wouldnt forget for ages!

And of course, apart from the show and the horror, youd be treated to a three-course dinner, glasses of cava, an overflowing Dutch bar with most of the drinks that you needall for your convenience!

Fly to Aaslmeer and Enjoy Halloween!

Forget about trick or treating!

Halloween can be quite unforgettable when done the right way. So, book a flight to Aalsmeer, visit the Showbiz Village, and watch the best Halloween Dinner Show on earth. You certainly wont regret it!