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Matching Dishes To Red Wine: Spicy Red Can Complement Hot Dishes

There's no question that the pairing of the right dish with the right wine can make all the difference in your overall meal experience. A red wine that absolutely shines with lamb might not blend so well with braised steak or spicy fish. When you're looking at hot dishes with a little bit of heat to them, you're often in better shape looking at spicy red wine options to create a complimentary flavor that enhances the meal as opposed to clashes with it. Read on to learn more about some of the better options out there.

The Challenge Of Spicy Food

Spicy food creates a unique challenge when it comes to a wine pairing, especially if you prefer a solid red over a possibly over-sweet white. Not only do good spicy dishes have special layers of flavor to take into consideration, but it is very easy for a wine to clash with a spicy dish by being too bitter or too overpowering. Last time i was able to afford to guy a selection of wines as i saved money when i called into a local Indian takeaway near me, where they donât charge restaurant prices! Having a few wine strengths to sample that were not to strong as this obviously would detract from both the wine and the meal overall.

Addressing these particular challenges head on is crucial to being able to create a truly good pairing that enhances the meal experience.

What To Avoid

Generally speaking when pairing a red wine with a spicy hot dish you want to make sure to avoid the higher alcohol options as well as any red that was aged in oak. These aren't bad things at all for a standalone wine but a red wine that has one or both of these characteristics will generally be a poor or overpowering pairing with a spicy dish.

The best red wine selections in this situation will be aromatic, on the fruity side to compliment the spice, and in some cases off dry to create the right type of contrast. You also want to look for a wine that is crisp and light in comparison to the main body of reds that you are going to find out there.

Some Excellent Suggestions

Any red wine that follows the do's and don'ts of the previous section will likely do fine in most cases, but if you need to look at a few basic names or types, the following are good places to start.

Beaujolais are heavily fruit focused red wines that often pair well with spicy foods, and you are more likely to find a good Merlot or Zinfandel as opposed to a Cabernet Sauvignon. If the dish has a spicy flavor that is smoky in nature then it's worth taking a look at some moderate Malbec selections to pair up with the meal.

Albarino, Viognier, and Vouvray are three other examples of good reds that are known for being fruity without being too strong or tannin-heavy and they often can pair well with spicier dishes. While these are all good starting points, you still need to look at the specific bottles and which ones are lighter on the alcohol and heavier on the fruit flavor in order to get a pairing you can be happy with.

A little bit of research and following these basic rules can help you to find the ideal red wine to pair with even the hottest spicy dishes out there.

Make The Most Of Your Mandolin Kitchen Slicer

When it comes to cooking and preparing meals, we always want to give our best. Thats just the way the mind works. Food brings people together and the better the dishes you serve up, the happier and healthier your relationships will be. But cooking great meals doesnt simply rely on your ability to combine flavours the preparation of your ingredients plays a vital role in the quality of your outcomes.

One of the kitchen essentials you should never overlook is the mandolin kitchen slicer. This one of a kind kitchen innovation is good for a whole host of different functions and become a part of your daily kitchen routine.

How to Use Your Mandolin Kitchen Slicer

1. Salads and Appetizers If you want to give your family or guests a whole hearted effort, you shouldnt overlook the appetizer part of the meal. This will get their appetites going and will have them wanting for more. Using your mandolin kitchen slicer, cut up some cucumbers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, and anything else youd want to add into the mix. Sautee these in olive oil until theyre brown and crunchy. Serve your assorted vegetable chips with a delicious cream cheese dip and youll be sure to catch your diners attention. You can also lay the sautéed veggies in a bed of leafy greens and drizzle with lemon juice and your choice of vinaigrette for a hearty serving of salad.

2. Soups The thing about soup is that it barely has the texture that many other food options offer. Other entrees allow eaters to enjoy the process of chewing, but because soups arent quite as chewable, the enjoyment eaters get from consuming them rely greatly on the taste. By using a kitchen mandolin slicer, you can ensure that your vegetables stay tastier and more flavourful than they would had you chosen to use a standard knife. This will make it possible to bring out the best taste and flavour from your soup concoctions. Make sure you use only the best vegetables available to you to further enhance the soups you create.

3. Main Course Serve your chicken, beef, or fish with thinly sliced portions of vegetables of your choice. You can even opt to bake your meat with a bed of different veggies that are sliced to thin perfection. Using a mandolin kitchen slicer will make it possible for your ingredients to retain their natural textures and flavours something that is usually sacrificed when veggies are cut by hand.

4. Desserts Slice up some fruit with your mandolin kitchen cutter and serve on a plane of snowy white cream. If you really want to take it to the next level, try baking a lemon tart with thinly sliced lemons as the topping. You can also try to cut up fruits like apples, pears, and peaches and fry these to make fritters. Dust off with cinnamon powder and confectioners sugar, and youve got yourself a tasty dessert treat for the entire family to enjoy.